How often do the dogs go outside?

Dogs are outside in the play yard at least 6 times a day. There are 4 bathroom breaks at 20 mins each and there are 2 playgroups at 90 mins each. There is plenty of shade but if it is too hot, we will shorten the length of time in play groups and increase the amount of outings so they are getting exercise and still plenty of rest and water in between.

Are there any dogs you do not accept?

We do not accept any aggressive dog, regardless of breed. We encourage owners to try us out with a free half day trial for an evaluation.

Do we bring food or treats?

Please feel free to bring treats for your dog whether they are here for daycare or boarding. We will gladly give them to your dog as directed. We do encourage owners to bring their dog’s food with them to keep from changing their diets while they are boarding. This helps the dog feel like they are at home. We will provide food for a small charge of $3.00 per meal for boarders if you do not bring your own.

What if our dog takes medicine?

No problem, just bring your dogs medicine in the original container that it came in along with the dosage instructions and we will make sure they are taken care of. There is no charge for this. We do recommend that dogs that have certain health conditions; diabetes, seizures or currently undergoing chemotherapy, board at a veterinary hospital.

Does my dog need a collar?

Yes, we ask that dogs have quick release collars with an ID and your name and number on them. We also ask that you leash your dogs when you are checking in and when you check out.

Toys and bedding?

You’re welcome to bring toys or bedding if you like. We ask that you keep it to two toys please. We do provide Kuranda beds for your dog as well.

Will there be someone that stays all night with our dogs?

Yes, we have someone at Tails Are Wagging 24 hours a day.

Does my dog require any vaccinations?

Proof of current vaccinations including distemper/parvo and rabies (every year or three years depending on the vaccinations your veterinarian administers), 6 or 12 month Bordetella and bivalent canine influenz vaccine (H3N2 & H3N8) annually. If vaccinations are not current, we require a 5-day waiting period for vaccinations to become effective. The waiting period begins the day after the vaccination is administered. Puppies must be over the age of 16 weeks and have had their puppy boosters. We require 3 distemper/parvo boosters, a current rabies vaccine, 6 or 12 month bordetella and the bicalent canine influenza vaccine (H3N2 & H3N8). Once they receive their last booster, there is a 5-day waiting period before they can come join in the fun. Your veterinarian is more than welcome to fax or email this information over for you ahead of time